Monday, June 15, 2015

T Shirt Design

Assignment that I am the most proud of

The assignment that I am the most proud of would have to be the PSA assignment where we were required to create a public service announcement from a pressing issue that is plaguing the world or the nation. I chose to make one based off of Sea World and the abuse that they put their animals through. Although I am happy with the outcome, I love that project because the stages of progress it went through in just a couple of days showed massive change within the design. From the beginning, I had brighter, more jarring colors and an image that didn't match. The stick people from the final design had been introduced later into the process, and originally I had dark shapes with little circles for eyes staring down at the abused whale in the tank below. I decided that the colors for the piece were too bright and so I replaced them with a darker color palette. The dark shapes behind the cage were remade to be benches for the newer stick figures to sit on, while they provided a darker environment in the image. I messed around with what I wanted the text to say, and where I wanted to put it, but eventually I found a place for it at the top, and I also altered it so there was emphasis on the the word NOT to give the piece a negative mood. There were some little things I added to the stick people to make them more interesting, such as the balloon with the large 'X' given to the small child in the upper left hand corner, and the whip I gave to the ringmaster front and center, standing on top of the animal's cage. There were a couple things that didn't make it perfect, like the shakiness of lines, and the design of the whale's cage that stood out. But they didn't take away from the piece very much, and it still produced the intended effect. I thought that the final design of my project was really great and was one of the best pieces I have produced in this class. 

Most Memorable Experiences

My two most memorable experiences in this class happened halfway through and towards the end of the semester. The first was the trip to Via and the project they gave us to present in front of them. The creation of the project was a good first real project. There were no real guidelines to help us figure out what to do, and we had to go right to work to finish this project within two class periods. We worked well in our group and we were able to divide our jobs and get all the work done within the time period, producing a good project to show the Via workers. Going to Via was an entirely incredible experience in itself. The workers were very flexible and cool and gave us a warm welcome, showing us around the building that had a ton of cool sculptures and designs floating around. Presenting them our projects was also a good experience. They gave us good feedback and suggestions, taking into account our own ideas for our projects. The second best experience was designing that Betty Blakeman T-Shirt. The project we were given was a good introduction into doing work for an actual client. We were required to follow her design ideas and create our own design from the guidelines that she created, even if we didn’t agree with them, which gave us good practice for dealing with real-life clients.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Magazine Reflection

During the process of working with my magazine cover, I drew three important conclusions from the things I learned in the article “How to rock your magazine cover”. The first, pertaining to placement of the header on the page. The article recommended that I place it behind the center image, and I tried it out to find that worked well. Matching colors was also something I took from the article. I took color from the flowers and made certain words on my text match. Lastly, I took their observation of background emphasis and used it in my own work, popping out the garden from the rest of the photo to put emphasis on it. All three of these rules helped me create my magazine color with good results.I believe that my work deserves a 3. 

Although I followed criteria and did my best to make my magazine cover look authentic, I didn’t feel like this could be presented as a level 4 work. There is always room for improvement on my part, and I didn’t feel that my cover could be found on the shelves where other magazine covers would be. It looks like amateur work, but I could always improve in the future.

Magazine Cover

Monday, June 1, 2015

Magazine Cover Article

While reading the article on designing magazine covers, I found some interesting topics that I will keep in mind when making my own cover. For example, I thought it was interesting that they included consistency as a rule in the article, as some people may not think of that as they are designing their cover. I need to remember to use color and text to my advantage in this situation. Color is important because color is the way to get through to the audience, and if you fail to use color in the correct way then it will appear random and strange. Text placement is also necessary in order to make the cover seem authentic.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Screen Printing Reflection

During the screen printing unit in graphic design, I learned three key things. The first applies to designing what you are putting on the T-shirt. You need to keep it sweet and simple or else it will be too difficult to transfer and print. The second pertains to material that is used. You need to pick a good material to print on, or else the ink will leak through. Lastly, I learned that you cannot make mistakes when you are screen printing. If you move the fabric just a little, or if you don't push down hard enough when spreading the ink, then the whole shirt will be ruined.